The “user” has evolved. Have your IT systems?

Traditionally downtime meant system downtime. However, the impact of user downtime has become a serious business issue. The threat is not the cost of fixing the problem, which might be a few IT staff for a few hours. It’s not even the small loss of data that may occur with a system crash. The real threat to a business is the critical time sensitivity of whatever each and every user was unable to accomplish during an outage.

The effects of user downtime are where today’s businesses are most at risk. Companies that implement true high availability and disaster recovery solutions to ensure user continuity will, as a result, protect the continuity of their business.


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Ensuring User Continuity
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You’ll learn:

  • how to keep your users continuously connected to keep business up and running
  • how to differentiate alternative HA/DR solutions in the market place and determine what works for you
  • how to ensure user continuity through seamless recovery of your key systems and data, regardless of the cause of failure
  • the benefits of real-time — cost effective — High Availability and Disaster Recovery

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